Up Coming Events

We have several upcoming events.  


 Coffee and Chat Every Wednesday 10 am - Noon,

  Post  243 Events

See our Calendar for event details


General Membership Monthly Meeting

Dinner 6:00pm and Meeting 7:00pm

Boys state appreciation night, the  program will focus on the three Boys from Post 243 that attended the 2019 Boys State (Steak Dinner)



Meeting times

1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm for business only

3rd Thursday each month 6:00 pm Dinner 7:00 pm General Membership Meetings

Next meeting 16 May

All are invited to attend all meetings

EVERY Wednesday 10-12 Coffee and Chat at Post 243 

General Membership meetings


At each General Memabership meeting we will have a meal starting about 6:30pm meeting 7:00pm

Come out, enjoy talking and being with other Veterans

Help us with planning for future events

Find out what is going on with Veterans and the American Legion

Come out, Have fun, Eat and enjoy

Guest Speakers

We will have visitors from time to time telling us about events and programs of interest to veterans. 

Chaplin Assistance


If anyone our legion members or anyone that knows of an ailing member that needs a Chaplain  visitation please contact our  Post Chaplain Berkley Moss at 407-416-7132 or email

Post reports

Operating reports are available on email distribution as well as the Post bulletin board.

Be sure that we have your currecnt email address.  Send a note to Post Adjutant.


The American Legion, Department of Florida   has a very informative website , check it out by selecting "Find Out Here"

Display their FAQs

If you have questions or comments please contact us via email .  (see home page for address)

Student Daytime Parking Application

 You may download the form or print from the form but you cannot submit the information on line.  YOU MUST GIVE THE COMPLTED FORM TO  MR. RALPH CAIN IN PERSON. Mr. Cain will interview the student, make parking place arrangements, advise the student of the rules and issue the parking permit.